Thursday, 6 January 2011

White Finalised

The design for the main character in Long Eared Apocalypse has been finalised; but will not be released yet. Nor will the final name for the game (which has been chosen). These two key pieces of information will be held back until further into the development of the game where a proper press release will be published.

Don't worry though, other details about the game will be released as they are decided upon as well as updates on the game's development progress. On that note: as the main character design has been finished work on the game engine will resume.

Today is also a special day, the Mac App Store was opened today. I have been considering the possibility of developing Long Eared Apocalypse for the Mac App Store. It will come. But be very, very patient. If the game takes off on the iOS app store then development will start on a Mac version, perhaps even Windows version as well... Lets not get ahead of ourselves quite yet. First I want to finish the iPhone and iPad version.

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