Friday, 24 December 2010

It's Christmas Eve and this is my present to you!

Tomorrow is Christmas, and so as an early christmas present to you, here is a little more information about Long Eared Apocalypse for iPhone and iPad and its progress.

The Long Eared Apocalypse game engine is under way and although there is still a very long way to go, things are moving along nicely. Basic 3D test models and lights are working, more work to do on texturing.

Currently I am developing the main character and hero for the game: White. After playing with the idea of a bunny hero the decision was made to make him human... well almost human. White will be a small boy lost and fighting for a cure in this epic adventure. What sets him apart from other children are his ears and huge imagination. Long Eared Apocalypse will be his tale. Concept artwork for White is underway and will be released, along with the games final name, once the basic game is almost complete. White's final form and the games name will be a part of a great unveiling around about the time of the first beta.

Still no release date, or even rough estimation for the games completion, however I plan to have the first beta (for which anyone will be able to apply to take part in) ready by this time next year.

Happy Christmas!


Jet Wilson

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