Friday, 29 October 2010

Welcome To The Long Eared Apocalypse

Enter Long Eared Apocalypse.

This is the very beginning of the development life for this game. The name has been decided upon, the theme and story finalised and now begins development. Of course, things can change so we have decided to hold back the final name for the game until further into development.

So, first things first, some information about the game:
Long Eared Apocalypse (LEA) will be set underground and star an unlikely hero. You guessed it, our hero is of the long eared, twitchy nose kind. Also, we will be making use of Apple's Game Center Achievement and Leader board system as well as online multiplayer. LEA will make use of the new Retina Display and fully support the iPad.

So you know something about what the game will make use of, how about the style of game? Well... LEA will be a fully 3D third person shooter. Yes, it is true, full 3D. We will be developing our own 3D engine called Third Axis that will make use of OpenGL ES and OpenAL. (So players will get the full 3D sound experience with headphones too!) More details on Third Axis soon after development on the engine starts.

Concept art has been started, I look forward to seeing your comments on the artwork when I upload it later next week. 

Long Eared Apocalypse Development Blog

Welcome to the Long Eared Apocalypse Game Development Blog.

My name is Jet Wilson and I will be posting updates on this blog so that the world can watch the progress of LEA's Development.

Long Eared Apocalypse is the code name for the next and upcoming iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad game from JetWilson. (Makers of Advanced ROX and Tap To Flap)

Follow this blog for the latest in news, updates and images for the game and watch as it grows from an idea to a full, in-depth and brilliant game millions of players will be enjoying for many, many hours.

It is time to have fun again.

Jet Wilson