Saturday, 13 November 2010

Game Information

I have released two pieces of concept artwork and the third is underway. It is now time for you to learn more about the game and its mechanics

Game Style
Long Eared Apocalypse will be a full third person free roaming 3D adventure game. Except this will not be an ordinary adventure game, this game stars a bunny rabbit known as White who lives in a world suddenly over run by zombie rabbits. White is searching for a cure.

Don't turn away just yet, this will not be just another zombie game; this is a zombie game with rabbits! If that is not enough, Long Eared Apocalypse is designed specifically for the iPhone and iPad and will feature revolutionary touch controls. To fight off the horde you will have an array of strange weapons at your disposal for melee and ranged attacks. These attacks can be executed using special gestures. Use the unique zombie-rabbit defeating skills to fight and journey through the burrows, the overground fields and the deserted human buildings all in search of a cure for a virus of the fluffy kind.

Game Mechanics
The game will revolve around exploration and of course the excellent, adaptive fighting. Players will be able to throw items (such as sticks, javelins and of course carrots) with a tap and swipe across an enemy zombie to make White follow the players finger with the edge of a sword or stick. With such power and control at the tip of your fingers there is no need anymore for clunky interfaces or physical buttons. Long Eared Apocalypse is taking game design and moving forwards. The importance of experimenting with different swipes, moves and combinations of melee and ranged attacks will grow as the player comes across new enemies and gigantic bosses. (Yes, bigger than huge, 4x larger than screen huge)

Players will be able to journey through full 3D levels, exploring them, finding items and most importantly fighting off the hordes. The game will be made up of many large levels linked with cutscenes. Weapons and ammo can be found and picked up along the way.

Physics (The Fun Kind)
I will be creating a custom physics engine for the game known as physics box. This engine will enable players to send enemy zombies flying with the flick of their finger. The physics engine is important as it will be doing the calculations necessary to send the zombies flying when White whacks them with an extra long carrot or a branch that the player picked up along the way.

And Finally...
This is not the end. There are so many other exciting things to tell you about, but they must wait; for now at least. The teaser information above will soon be joined by more concept art and 3D concept models. Physics Engine and 3D Game Engine work will start soon and as they progress I will keep you updated. I know you are eager to see what the game will look like, the concept models will hopefully give you all a feel for the game and its style; the concept models are not too far away. Finally, eventually the true name for the game will be revealed, until then stay on this blog for all the updates on Long Eared Apocalypse.


Jet Wilson

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